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Make Beats - Make Your Very Own Rap Beats Easy - Here Is How

If you want to make your own rap beats then you have to check out this cool beat making software that I have been using. It's fully loaded with all the instrumentals you could ever want and it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. This really is cool and it's my favorite tool to use for making rap beats - Dubturbo is the software I'm using and man is it cool. The first day I bought it I was so excited Read More...

Penny Auctions - Surviving the Christmas Rush in Comfort

Tis the season for locking the windows, pulling the drapes shut, lighting a fire and hiding from the cold weather that"??s blowing in. Despite the bitter cold, people stay in good spirits thanks to the holiday celebrations. However, there"??s another factor that"??s keeping people upbeat and that"??s the penny auction. We all have different ways of entertaining ourselves when we"??re trapped ind Read More...

Sampling Loose Leaf Teas

World wide, tea is the most widely drunk beverage, after water. Real tea enthusiasts agree that tea bags are just not acceptable.  It is believed that the aromatic oils floating on the tea get absorbed in the paper and never reach your taste buds.  So loose leaf tea is the way to go! Camellia Sinensis is the plant that bears tea.  China teas use the smaller leaf varieties and Indian or Assam tea Read More...

LCD Monitors Vs LCD TVs

In old days when we had CRT personal computer monitors and CRT television sets there was a clear distinction between these two devices. The fundamental principle to display the picture was the exact same but here the similarities ended. TV set had the antenna input and it was nearly impossible to connect a pc to it. On the other hand it was not so simple to watch television on pc. As the technolog Read More...

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