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Make Beats - Make Your Very Own Rap Beats Easy - Here Is How

If you want to make your own rap beats then you have to check out this cool beat making software that I have been using. It's fully loaded with all the instrumentals you could ever want and it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. This really is cool and it's my favorite tool to use for making rap beats - Dubturbo is the software I'm using and man is it cool. The first day I bought it I was so excited Read More...

What makes a good PC monitor?

Having a good PC monitor these days is a must, while in the old days you could make do with a big bulky monitor that didn't produce a great quality image, these days space is at a premium and a high quality image is a must. PC monitors are now being made to look very stylish and fit very neatly into an office space or a home environment and this article will discuss exactly what the features are t Read More...

LCD Monitors Vs LCD TVs

In old days when we had CRT personal computer monitors and CRT television sets there was a clear distinction between these two devices. The fundamental principle to display the picture was the exact same but here the similarities ended. TV set had the antenna input and it was nearly impossible to connect a pc to it. On the other hand it was not so simple to watch television on pc. As the technolog Read More...

The Right Beekeeper Suit For You

The thing about bee allergy is you won't know you have one unless you get stung by a bee. So if you are doing beekeeping, either as a hobby or a business, one of the essential things that you need to understand is bee behavior and the things that can trigger a bee attack. Many people are allergic to bees. So if you know for sure that you are allergic to beestings, know what to do in case you Read More...

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